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Guillaume Massart-Weit
Guillaume Massart-Weit

Guillaume was born and raised in Paris of an American mom and a French dad; he started creating businesses while still in sixth grade. Completely bilingual in English-French, Guillaume also speaks a few other foreign languages.

At 20 years of age, while at Sorbonne University, he built a student network France-wide: BDE of Paris (Student Federation of Paris), a non-profit organisation which generated millions of Euros in turnover in less than 3 years.

He then decided to do an MBA and obtained it in 2009. In between courses, he did a lot of traveling around the world (Guillaume has been a seasoned traveler even as a toddler as he traveled with his parents worldwide.) Armed with his MBA degree, he created small but profitable businesses. However, in 2013, he moved to Brussels, Capital of the European Union, with Melissa (his future wife who he met while they were pursuing their MBA) to launch something much bigger in Brussels where he conceived and created an innovative start-up aimed at creating optimal ways to bring out people's potentials so they can improve their own quality of life. The project is called BamSell.

He met Sébastien, an IT "whiz-kid", a year after arriving in Brussels. Seb has been helping code the project.

Guillaume has a deep understanding of the current state of economy, is highly skilled in marketing and is a natural-born entrepreneur. But he doesn't stop there as he constantly works to improve and enhance his knowledge of cutting-edge economic and high-tech.

Melissa Tribouillard
Magician COO
Sébastien de Beauffort
The Ninja Dev' CTO

Sébastien, CTO and Co-Founder of BamSell, was born and raised in Brussels, and started his “tech-life” graduating with a degree in electronics engineering which evolved in a passion for IT, teaching and entrepreneurship.

He was involved in a lot of different projects and has now become a web thinker who cares about making a difference. He immediately realized that his dream would come to fruition when he met Guillaume at SupInfo where he studies and teaches.

He joined Guillaume and his team in November 2015 to help transcribe Guillaume’s innovative concepts, programming them and also to provide easy-to-understand support, tasks which come naturally to Sébastien.

Team Members

Ivana Paun
Hugo Barbáchano
Salvatore Saia
Julien Guillaume
Business developer
Mohsen Sebai
Sys admin